Bacon #1

I’m having a go at making bacon.

This is a bit trickier than the other smoked goods I have been making as bacon is cold smoked (and therefore there is much more importance on getting the cure right).

I do not have a meat syringe to inject the cure into the meat, So my curing time is high (about 2 weeks)  – that’s a long time for a bit of meat to hang around in your fridge. A meat syringe is just able mandatory once you need to cure bigger pieces of meat. The cure ingress is a few mm a day so a leg of pork will take 30-40 days to cure…

Anyway I have a smallish piece of pork loin which I am curing in a fairly standard cure (Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Prague Powder #1 [Nitrite]). I am changing the cure every week and should be ready to smoke on the 14th or so.


Pork Loin ready to be cured.
Pork Loin ready to be cured.
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