Cheshire Cheese #2

Following on from Cheshire Cheese #1. The cheese has progressed nicely. it has been pressed for two days then allowed to dry. Now it’s time to wax it.

Cheshire Cheese - Dried and ready for waxing
Dried and ready for waxing.


Cheshire Cheese - Being waxed
The Cheshire Cheese being waxed. Normally I dunk the cheese into the heated wax but this one is too big for my pot so i brushed on the wax. Yes I made a mess.


Cheshire Cheese - Waxed and in the cheese cave
Waxed and sitting in the cheese cave. The temperature has been dropped slightly (10 – 13 degrees) so it looks like I’ll be making a few more cheese like this (cheddar, red leicester etc). This cheese needs to age for at ;east 3 months, 6 us better so we’ll see this one again at Xmas.


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