Superb Wren

Moulting wren with a hint of turquoise on his cheeks

This beautiful little lonely superb wren was hanging around in our shrubs out the front on his own at the beginning of Spring. He had not yet developed his striking colours, but there were hints on his cheeks, like little feathered tears and just above his beak.  Over Spring, his chest and head darkened and the azure blue tears became beautiful blue cheeks, crest, back of head with a deep blue tail.

He now has returned with his harem which he made an effort to show off to us all. As they are so quick, it is unclear exactly how many ladies he has with him. As his ladies forage on the ground for tiny insects, he stands guard, chirping at any sign of trouble. In fact, any sign of anything.

Singing superb wren

I always know when they are around, usually late in the afternoon, as they make so much noise as they go on the hunt for little grubs and fluttering around and chirping at anyone or anything that gets too close, almost teasing because they know they are faster than us. As they are there every afternoon I am assuming they have a nest nearby, but try as I might I am yet to find it. But I can’t wait to see see his strut around with his babies as well. From the shabby little bird we saw at the end of Winter/early Spring, he is now proud to show off his colours and is quite happy to have his photo taken often posing for me for quite a while.