Milk for Cheese Making in Mudgee #1

One of my interests is cheese making, and to make cheese you need milk. Not just any milk mind you, for cheese making you need fresh, non-homogenised, non-standardised milk => This is not something that you find in supermarkets.

When we lived in the big smoke, there was a few avenues for obtaining the appropriate milk thanks to small milk producers which supply specialty stores and markets. I used to use ‘Moo and More‘ which comes from the Peel valley near Nundle. There were also milk producers from he Hunter and Southern Highlands that supply Sydney.

However in Mudgee milk became a lot harder to source, I guess for a few different reasons:

  • Mudgee is not the sort of place where you find dairy cows. (plenty of goats and sheep though)
  • Population is too small tho make it worhwile for a small scale milk producer from a dairy region to supply us.
  • If you really want fresh milk nothing beats running your own animals, and there is space here to do that.

Anyway, recently a small scale producer started up in Dubbo (90 mins away) ‘Little Big Dairy Co‘ and yes, they do a non-homogenised milk. Better still they seem to supply a few stores in Mudgee! So it looks like cheese making is back on the radar! All I need to now is try to find a store who’ll sell me fresh milk (stores generally prefer to sell the old stuff first)